Sunday, September 4, 2011

Livin' life

  As you know, my blog name is Livin' life. And I have been thinking, What does that mean? An old friend told me last week that when your in high school, school is either your kingdom, or your own personal version of hell. What high schools don't get is that the school is ONE body. One. One with everybody creating it. Say in school you were to  take out the rejects that were cast out anyway. Then you take away the emo, then the neutral..etc. If you go on long enough, soon, the school is just a building. The school is not the building but what makes up the school. Why is it that you walk into a school and all you see are either couples kissing in the hall, or groups. Emos, preps, nerds, geeks.. sure everyone is different, but if everyone stopped going to school, what would happen? It would just be an empty building. You forget that its that everyone as a whole makes up the school.
  I hate how everyone separates themselves into groups. Because what about the ones in the corners? What about the ones on the bus that sit by themselves? What about the girl who has no friends or the boy with a limp that wasn't accepted because he wasn't good enough? Usually, they're they're the ones that walk into a school and shoot someone then turn the gun on themselves. People think that a way to fix it is having a police officer there all the time helps, or a medical detector.. What about someone taking the time to walk up to that person and saying hi? Someone taking the time to take them out for coffee and listen to them? What about making a friend? Last time I checked, everyone needs a friend. Even them. Even you. So the next time YOU see someone who looks sad or upset, take the time to walk up to them and ask for their name. Ask them how they are and listen. 
  Sometimes all you need is a friend. A friend can make a huge difference in life. They can save lives, they can change the world. It only takes 1. Look at George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Martin Luther.. All were told they were crazy. All made a difference in this country. All famous for there honor. YOU can be the next one. All it takes is taking the time for change a life. You can be the next person. Or, you can change someone's life, and THEY will make a difference BECAUSE of you. We can make a difference in people's lives. Because God lives in me. I want to live life with everything that I am. Who's with me?

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