Thursday, August 18, 2011

Social Status

 Second day of school and it feels exactly like it did yesterday. I feel like an outcast or an outsider. I see all of these people and I see how they talk and hang out and I just wish that there was some way that I could belong.
  I'm all alone here. And I see and I look around me and I see all the groups of people. All the different types if people. Emo, preps, independents, free spirits. Mine, is outcast. I have made no friends so far on the second day and I see how I never will. I just hope that I can survive this year. I hope to stay out of the way and focus on my education. I have accepted that I don' belong. In school, or even with my OWN friends at my church. But sometimes life isn't always what we expect. Sometimes you have to protect yourself-even from the worst possible threat: yourself.
 Joplin High School is so different from home schooling. I hope to thrive and learn like I did at home. I hope that I can learn to adapt. I hope I can learn how to say out of every one's way. I hope that I can survive.
 I'm even trying to push myself away from my friends. Especially my best friend. He is making it very hard for me but I think I am managing. I succeeded yesterday on my personal goal. Lets hope I can do it again today. Well I'm at school writing this on my free time. I have to go to my next class. So long bloggers!

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