Saturday, July 23, 2011


   I just got back from camp yesterday. My week was last week but I helped with 3rd and 4th graders Wednesday-Friday. It was an awesome experience!The theme was I AM. We studied the story of Moses. Its really amazing just how many angles you can look at the story of Moses.
  Moses changed a lot of lives. Sure he had his screw ups. Who doesn't? But what made the difference was he let God work in him and use him. When God first called him, he made excuses. But God knew that Moses was scared. It makes me wonder. God uses the son of Pharaoh to deliver his slaves. Why HIM? I mean, Moses had a point. Someone else COULD have done it. But God wanted HIM.
  The speaker this week had a point this week. When God sent the plagues, he did a pretty darn good job picking them. Because the Egyptians had so many gods, they had a god for every tiny thing. He chose them specifically to show them that HE is the way. That HE is the light. HE is the one true God. I can't tell you why God sent the plagues, but I CAN tell you that God had a plan.
  We had a tornado here in Joplin recently. Its a horrible experience to drive down Rangeline and see the damage. I can't tell you why God sent the tornado. But I CAN tell you that God has a plan. He has reached so many people because of the tornado. And despite the destruction, people are working together. :) Joplin was broken before the tornado. We may be broken in a more literal form now, but we are coming together.
We are ALL God's children. We are ALL loved by him. I will write again soon. God Bless! 

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